This is not a networking post.

Schematic , sensor code and spec  –

My code –

1x Breadboard

1x Raspberry pi zero w

1xhcsr04 ultrasonic sensor

2x1kohm resistors


Just as a side note i do not have any intro into resistors nor electronics, but what all i did was to follow some posts written by people who already did it, its not hard believe me, if i could do it any one should easily be able to do it as am very far away from electronics and programming, so let these things not overwhelm you.


Problem – Am not sure in other parts of the world, but place I live has an over head water Tank which stores water. So every day you technically turn on a water motor which sucks water from a reserve under the ground and pumps it to all the the way to a three store high building

So what’s the issue – The issue is that we have no clue what’s the current water level in the tank nor how long would it take to fill the water tank. There are two tribal ways by which we are addressing the problem

1- go to three stores high and sit beside the tank till it gets filled

2- let it overflow and we will know

The post aims to give an idea on a problem am no close to a professional in any of electronics nor coding but I can make it work for my self

Example of a water tank


So, using a raspberry pi zero , a ultrasonic sensor and telegram app did solve the issue, obviously this requires wooden finish and water proofing which is currently taken care by a plastic container.

Raspberry pie zero takes unbelievably low power and even during power outages single power bank could charge it for 40 odd hours


Final output – Sends a message directly to Telegram BOT