I was testing Endian Firewall(http://www.endian.com/) for Some VPN features and Firewall capabilities. Last post I wrote about untangle. (https://r2079.wordpress.com/2015/08/06/a-small-client-and-a-feasible-solution-captive-portal-and-untangle-made-my-clients-day/), one thing I understood is that not everyone uses Checkpoint/asa/Srx ;), depends on Client Base/Cost/Business proposals etc.

I had to verify Endian to verify some firewall rules written for an End PBX as it was blocking. Now, I have handled Endian Before as well, but that was at a period when Endian was just getting noticed and we had to integrate it with opposite branch firewall as Endian was uplinking to Cisco ASA. – IRONY 😉

This was on the fly and you can download the community version on the go and test as well. The entire system is based on http mostly and Sort of Zone-based Firewall concept arises here.

I had setup a simple IPSEC vpn within 5 minutes

Here is the below topology


Building IPSEC Vpn and leaving at its defaults

settingup_firewall_vpn_1 vpn2 vpn3

Now, verifying few other firewall rules and adding static routing

blocking_specific_trafic_4 static_routing_5

Final result


On the Whole, Setup was quite easy and I should say I am far more impressed with this than Untangle as this is simple and easy to use.


Rakesh Madupu