I have recently cleared my CCIE-SP exam and being also a JNCIE-SP and having worked with TAC environment and most of the INTEROP cisco-ios/cisco-xr/junos Cli environments, its quite challenging for me to keep up with their coMmand structures. I have now come up with a plan where in i will atleast doing some small interop sp/ent labs with both the vendors on a weekly basis just to keep up to the mark.

More with the CCIE-SP :
Resources I used

-> Used INE as my training vendor- Bought ALL access pass and rack-rental tokens
-> Most of it i have done my server – 12 gig with i7 is more than sufficient to replicate INE Labs
-> Used Gns3 and IOS-XR Vm extensively
-> used partner labs with cisco IOS-XR extensively
-> Took IOS-XR training from Cisco – Nokia Sponsored
-> worked with heavy deployments of ASR9010 AND ASR9006 along with CE ios devices on IPRAN project
-> Bought routing-bits SP handbook for revision.

I was not labbing in a daily basis as most of the times i was implementing mp-ibgp, mp-ebgp (option a) and rsvp te and ldp tunnelling.

Let me know if anyone has any queries with respect to prep and please refrain from asking me the XR-VM or exam related queries.