Fancy a VPN build in under 10 minutes? , there are many vendors outside who offer mobile App and connectivity all through the world, most of the times ofcourse they under perform. Be it for beating Apps which impose Geographical restrictions etc.

What is wireguard ? – you can read all about it

Why do you need it ?

Simple and easy to build your own VPN service plus Pay as you Go by turning off the cloud instance and Wire-guard has some cutting edge encryption at the software level, which makes it performs better even in cloud instances.

Do i need to Install anything?

All you need is to run a docker image. – and you will have all install instructions

Ok i have installed whats Next?

Get your Mobile App, and scan the QR code generated by the system.

Next ?

Nothing, download the app and you are good to by scanning this and you are on your way to your own VPN

How do i verify my traffic stats ?

Log into docker and execute wg, all stats will be readily available