This is not a Network technology related post – Opensource Project

In their own words ‘The most powerful cloud music player for the Linux terminal, with support for Spotify (Premium), Google Play Music (free and paid tiers), SoundCloud, YouTube, TuneIn radios, Plex servers and Chromecast devices.’

What this has to do with this Post:

I have just implemented in an old Raspberry Pi which I was about to throw away. Secondly, it’s a passive project from at least 4 years to play cloud music on Linux CLI.

Why this obsession?

Ever think about music play all day but a very very low volume, am that kind of person. I don’t really listen to it very particularly all the times, but some music lingering in low volumes [Am speaking about extremely low volumes] will always help.

Why not use your LAPTOP ?

The very point of spreading it accross the home and not having to deal with GUI interfaces. Its much better for me not to have control as well, I just skip the tracks and will never be able to listen to new tracks.

Secondly, I dont want to spend a lot of money on crazy hardware with their fancy apps, I want to keep the project low and gives some feeling of accomplishment.

Offers Major cloud providers, easiest way create a Playlist there and you already will begin playing music

This is a Fun Project and extremely portable endless control options, you can spin up a simple script and you can have a cron job as well.