I have started this below article detailing a small subset of what Ostinato is capable of doing, in short, is a traffic generator with great options to modify and dictate the type of traffic that you want to generate and can do it at decent speeds


What is the Issue: The issue is that Ostinato in default mode is only supported in GUI mode, which is good for many cases but some times especially if you want to send some decent traffic to stress test your MPLS LSP a PC working from home scenario over VPN is not an ideal bet.

Explain more: Well, imagine you have a Cloud provider Instance, most of the instances are CLI based while Ostinato is GUI based.

So How to Proceed: After seeing what Tool is capable of we purchased the full suite which has Python Api support Plugin as well. So it operates something like this

How does it look:

so you have start the drone first, before doing anything else, i was stuck in this phase for more than 2 hours just because i was dumb not to read all the instructions

You can build the packet and save the stream as Python file or you can edit the example file supplied

I found https://www.browserling.com/tools/ip-to-hex, this helped to rename example file to the drone-ip destination field

Also used sed to replace it, it will save a lot of time

That will start sending traffic, obviously you need to go through some documentation to get your feet started but its a nice tool and must have.