When its a holiday, I do some house-hold farming, mostly into Hydroponics which is based on water and associated nutrients and does not require soil as a medium.

Let me show an example.

As you can see, Plant drinks up water, and the one which you are seeing is lemon plant from its seed stage, Monitoring water level is extremely important and for me there are many more in home so cant be keeping track of everything.

So sensor gets the data, Raspberry Pi talks to AWS IOT securely since Microcontrollers are still a pain to handle SSL and Rpi makes it easy and after processing MQTT message AWS IOT will process based on the Rules, in our case if the treshold is below 500 then plant is drying up.

Why Not Inbuilt SES/SMS with AWS ?

SES works great but I check my emails only once in two days and there is no way to alert based on the email, SMS I wanted to used multiple number pool (thinking to expand) and Cost with Telnyx is Really Amazing to do any Communication services

I have tried other vendors and results are not great either my carrier has some integration problems or whatever SMS never reaches to my mobile while I get charged, the two reliable ones are Telnyx and Amazon depending on your cost/integration and ease of use.

Telnyx API is just 4 lines and you can pretty much integrate it with non AWS application as well. Check out this

Api is amazingly easy – https://developers.telnyx.com/docs/v1/messaging

Look at the code


Overall, this has been working fine for me for some while now

If you need to know more about Telnyx and Services

  • https://telnyx.com/
  • https://developers.telnyx.com/docs
  • https://telnyx.com/products/programmable-sms

Amazon components

  • https://aws.amazon.com/ses/
  • https://aws.amazon.com/lambda/
  • https://aws.amazon.com/iot/

Future idea is to integrate some AI/ML and predict. This has been a fun project and can be extended to other domains as time permits.