What is LORA – Best reference – https://www.thethingsnetwork.org

I will anyways attempt to define this as a newbie who just got into this technology

with the help of a specific Receiver and Transmitter and using Radio waves you can send small bits of information to long ranges without the need of repeaters or wireless IP networking gear. “

Why is this useful – I have many use cases simple one being measuring soil moisture for plants and measuring water level in an overhead tank.

I currently have a very expensive setup of a Raspberry Pi zero wireless, a Repeater to repeat my Base Ip Network and a solar panel to power the power-hungry sensor as Raspberry pi does not know how to go into Deepsleep and wakeup.

Lora Makes it simple and even in reasonable living space, wireless routers do not perform well to cover the range up till the back yard garden.

What do you need – Listed in the below article and its nicely written

Most of the Sample Code – https://randomnerdtutorials.com/ttgo-lora32-sx1276-arduino-ide/

I have tested its range till 300m without any issues at all, that’s like 4 times what my wireless router can do!

LORA Receiver
LORA Sender
3D printer printing LORA cover.
some reference notes

Project from here on will be very simple, use one AWS GreenGrass Node to publish all the values to AWS SNS system, involve Lambda to Trigger some alerts, Have a nice time series like Influxdb doing Time Series representation and Grafana to dashboarding.

I will try to do a prototype of hardware and software in coming months and I hope it helps anyone in the farming field.