I hear a lot on IOT but don’t have a clue on underlying protocols. My interest is only to understand how it might help a business or more than that my personal interests. So continuing the server power on/off series I wanted to do it with Amazon echo voice command. Now, this is not a smart power switch where you can power-on with a command on Echo but you actually have to send a message to IDRAC, we already covered this in a previous post.

Well, the main goal isn’t to power-on a server that can be done manually as it sits beside me, the main goal is to extend this to any business / personal ideas which might get the benefit.

Summary – Develop a small interactive model to understand Alexa voice service / AWS lambda and MQTT so that we can get a feel of what can be achieved with this.

I will not go much into any tech explanations or bore you with English, I will put here two screenshots and code to git, hopefully, you should be able to give it a try.


Its illustrated in 6 steps

  1. Voice command to echo (I have made developer skill on developer Alexa portal – Its free and its easy. Lot of blueprints)
  2. Alexa portal interacts with AWS Lambda (serverless)
  3. AWS Lambda communicates the message in JSON format to AWS IOT
  4. Raspberry PI listens to a particular MQTT channel for the type of message
  5. Depending on the incoming message JSON, Raspberry pi Matches the string and invokes the further script.




Code to Git link