I have a Dell R810 and it makes a lot of noise. So, I have put it somewhere remote in the home where it’s completely inhabitable for human beings. Now, the problem was always to go there and manually power-up the system.  This has been the scenario for years. So, technically if am away from my home I need to take help from my wife. All this is going well and I was always wondered should it not have a better way to do things.

Was talking to my friend and he had some paid solution for the same thing, he doesn’t even remember and that’s for his cisco gear, now for Cisco gear as long you supply power they will be powered (if the Power button is always on), for servers however just like our Personal CPU’s and Laptops you have to manually press the power button.

Then yesterday all of a sudden I took this somewhat seriously and explored options, then I understood it was sitting right inside the server, Dell has something called Integrated DRAC system which helps you do this thing, all you need to have is a proper Lan connection, the message was always there during the boot but it was ignorance in servers which made me shoo away with the boot messages. The below image is slightly dull as I have said the place where this sit’s is not great with light.



After quick setup of IDRAC, I was looking for this to work over a script and below is the script

Git – https://github.com/yukthr/auts/blob/master/random_programs/server_idrac.py

And it looks something like this


All of this may look serious programming for someone who is not into this yet, this is really easy and most of it is nothing to do with programming, few lines from here and there and StackOverflow will do ;), again I can write this with my programming knowledge imagine what you can do with this.