Hi All,

I have slightly changed this to networking, but the intention and my current use is to measure the water level of a sump, since that deviates from the network blog writing, i have extended the same to a Router.

Purpose – Have a Router and also a Syslog Server which monitors my internal network (This can easily be extended to a Car / Moisture Sensor or a Temperature/Humidity Sensor), what we want to do is to make sure if any anomaly is seen in Log Messages, it logs to IOT service. We can then take this up as a Part-2 writing to perform a specific action / automated on what action can be taken to mitigate

Discussion about configuring a Linux device is out of scope, so lets think that we all have that setup. What happens next ?

Lets quickly see our python script, which parses for a anomaly, in this lets say when someone runs a ping command, well its not a anomaly but will do for our use-case.



logparse.py is our program, so i have imported it into the readily available sample program provided by AWSIOT Kit, so you dont have to know much of programming to do this, just to incorporate your code into the program.

Now lets start the program


Now, Finally if we observe the IOT Console, we can see the messages, based on this we can then continue the program to design a automatic response, storage and analysis of log messages and so on.


The main aim of the post was to introduce the IOT for someone starting with it. You can do the entire IOT example experience using a free-tier linux instance as well, you dont have to have a Hardware device to actually do a IOT if you really want to test it out.


You may extend it to anything which outputs the value and then can be sent to AWS IOT / S3 for further actions.