Last week I went to write JNCIS-Devops exam, I was under an impression that I may not be able to clear it but good did happen!

First and Foremost

-> I had the official training for JAUTcourse – The course is extremetly helpful as it provides the precise material and also the structured lab environment for you to explore and study, nothing beats a class-room study and training environment

But, after appearing I can tell you that you dont really require the offiicial training (if that is the only thing stopping you to think about the exam), the exam will test you for your understanding of automation philosophy and also how Juniper Implements it.

Topics of Interest

– Juniper  pyez – understand how everything helps in Pyez

Dayone Books Helps –

– Juniper ansible –

-Book – Network Programmability and Automation

— Jsnapy –

All you need to have are couple of VMX devices a Linux machine and you should be able to deploy all of the automation efforts discussed in above books.

You dont have to know the code in your head or how to write a program, you need to havea good idea on the ideology of the code, what gets used where to get most of the exam.


Few Tips :

  • Prepare for it in linear fasion than leraning everything on day
  • Make use of the git repositories from Juniper
  • I have been writing some simple Ansible and PYEZ scripts, Good for anyone who is starting with automation.


let me know if you have any queries, always happy to help.