I have to agree that to start a esxi node i was depending heavily on a windows VM and then was using a VSphere client to connect to a Esxi 5.5.

In a typical day all of my VM’s are hosted on Esxi and am not any advanced user of esxi by any stretch of Imagination.

It came down to a point where i had to manually click close to 8 VMS in order to boot up and all this was sort of irriatating for me, so i wrote a very basic script which can do this for me. Most of the experienced VM admins have been doing this for very long, for someone like me or anyone who is new to Esxi this is going to help.

Here is the code for the script, all you need to do is to copy to your lab esxi, obviously if any one using production esxi they already know how to manage this.


Requirement – I have 5 Vm-machines and i would like  to start them via script and also power them off.

First things, list the Vm-instances



Now that we have it, let explore the script to poweron the specific instances, again power-off is exacty similar


Basically, Below program is tryin to boot a list of VMs provided in vm, if you want to use this, modify the vm list with the appropriate local Vm number from getallvms output

Am aware there are many network engineers who are starting to realize the power of Esxi over Bare Eve-ng, both have their own advantages anyways, but anyone starting with Esxi, this is not at all a Bad Idea !



Rakesh M