Hi ,

Am Planning to write a in detail usage of how we can leverage
Aws cloud - ansible - github - travis-(ci/cd) with in our networking 
deployment space. As of now, I will quickly author how you can 
leverage the usage of Travis CI in our 
experimental space. 

You can find more about Travis CI - Here - .org of travis will 
help to run Opensource Projects 


I am using AWS cloud desktop to do the changes to the code, 
get it pushed to git-hub and then integrate everything 
if Travis CI passes the checks 

To let you know the workflow in a very simpler way 

-> You write any code or config related to networks on AWS cloud 
-> push the code into git-hub in a branch later to be integrated 
into Master Branch
-> Setup Travis to automatically run some pre-defined tests 
-> If all successful, we will merge the code into our master branch 

-> Lets write a very basic code in a branch and push to git-hub 


The github page has been integrated with Travis-CI 


Travis CI peforms the required checks, here it just 
checks for syntax, obvious this can be exetended for many things 
but as of now we will just see if it can execute 
the program (all of this is performed in automatic container)

Let me change the syntax from print to printf, 
travis should automatically fail the test 

Lets correct the printf to print, 
and we should be able to merge the branch to the master, 
you can also see the CI results directly from the branch


This post aims at using a CI system to have us validate the checks. 
I would cover a detailed post and a course on CI and Git
 and using Unit-tests to validate networking related changes.