From the previous EVPN Blog post, the next logical thing was to do is to filter out EVPN routes from the device and have them analyzed for a task.

I have made the program to analyze Type 2 and Type 3 routes

Things to take-away:

-> Understand what module has what advantages – For example OP here has route-table level calls which can extract routing information from the device, while Device has the specific usecase of opening a connection to the device.

-> Understand there are many more efficient ways of doing the same thing, but goal here is to make the script work, there is no impact on the Device as the script parses the data offline once we get it, so even if there was a better way, just do the things the way you want.

Below is the sample program which is written to analyze the routes from vQFX series



Am not a Programmer by any stretch of imagination as you can see my code ;), but this helps and gets my tasks done, if any one of you want to download this here is the below github link




Rakesh M