Note: Its perfectly possible to do VXLAN/EVPN on VQFX and VMX, all you have to do is to setup a good lab over ESXI or if you want you can do it over Eve-ng emulator. I personally did it via ESXI.

Am not covering the petty BGP configuration of Full-Mesh and Evpn-BGP configuration, its very simple, this post mainly Aims at show-casing the quick and short way of setting up EVPN/VXLAN in Vqfx and over vMX

On the way to some DC Lab Practise, I wanted to quickly show you guys how to lab up Vxlan on Vqfx and Vmx.

Intention – I was reading on VxLan and as most of my learning comes around seeing things first and understanding the later, I felt uncomfortable too soon reading at the Documentation, I wanted to learn it by doing.

Here is the topology



Goal – Build Vxlan / Evpn with a very small set-up to under the workings.

First things first

-> In order to build any VxLan, you need to have some underlay and some overlay. Our underlay is BGP (It can be anything you see, as long as it can exchange Loopback Space and establish IP connectivity between all nodes)

->Overlay – Where your Lan information is carried through a specific Control plane which you have defined.

Lets examine the underlay


Now lets examine the overlay

This is how you will configure Vqfx


Finally, the way to check.

Ping may be perfect, but we will do a check on vqfx


Next Post would aim to cover some Pyez aspects of verificaiton



Rakesh M