I have been getting a lot of requests offline and online on the lab setup I use, I have to say I have tested many things and finally settled with Vmware ESXi 5.5. Eve-ng was good but not good enough when spawned with multiple instances of qemu, maybe because my host operating system might be slow enough for it.

I will cover the connectivity for two VMX devices but the logic Remains same for any device connectivity.

What I have Already

-> Vmware Esxi5.5

-> Dell R810

-> Insane amount of time to waste :), I hope you won’t fall into the same path.


You need to have the OVA files, all settings are straightforward, don’t even worry about Memory allocations yet, there is time for that and also the networking part, import the OVA

There will be two OVA images

Vfp – forwarding plane

VCP – Control Plane

General import – No Rocket science – Don’t worry about any settings as of now


This is how my VCP looks like – Again don’t worry about any networking here, catch here – VCP has only two networking Adapters – One for Fxp0 which is the first one and the other is the internal Interface for VCP and VFP



Let’s take a look at VFP – I might have given over-exaggerated RAM but it’s completely unnecessary, I had RAM to be burnt but honestly, it doesn’t make any difference.


Take Away – Network Adapter 2 is the important one which connects VMX-VCP and both of them have to be on the same network, again don’t worry too much about networking now.  Rest all you get the idea once we explore the connectivity aspect

******The Most important Thing do not mix the network for Network Adapter 2 with any of the other Networking Adapters in this router or any Router for that matter, you are bound to pay a lot of time to figure out why things are not going your way.


Let’s explore the networking


The one above is the final part as you can see I have created a virtual-switch and put VCP and VFP interfaces in the virtual-switch, and there are no other interfaces present here, which should be important.

Let’s explore the data Plane interface connectivity



In this case, this connects Xe-0/0/0 to Xe-0/0/0 and thus completes the connectivity.


Qfx10k is almost same in implementation except for the fact that VMX Data plane interfaces start from Network Adapter 3 while QFX10K interfaces would start from Network Adapter 4.


Feel free to ping me if you have any queries