Its been 3/5 Days in JAUT training and I should say Juniper has done a great job in introducing various training concept and methodologies towards Network scripting / automation.

Here are some-thing that helped

– No high stress on learning programming , they kept it to minimal and interestingly they made it more on how automation works and done instead of programming concepts – this is done in many courses

– Stress on PYEZ and Good Introduction to Ansible, simple labs  and then making the lab cover all the concepts is another great way Juniper helped to Learn us the course

– Main take-away till now is Ansible / intro to Jinja2 & YAML and templating configuration which i felt very refreshing and all my fears about templating has atleast vanished  till now.

I cant wait to blog on things that i have learnt during the training and implement it in my own lab, i will keep this topic alive for a while.



Rakesh M