I took JNCIP-DC Exam and could pass it. My review on the exam and Prep strategy.


-> Juniper Documentation

-> Cisco Implementing EVPN Video series – Safari press

-> Juniper Qfx1000 Github and vagrant images

-> DCX , ADCX , TDCX Materials

-> Hand’s on Implementation and 4 months Study (Not including any weekends)


Exam in itself was not that tough to be frank, but depth of questions covered all the concepts. There is no topic that you could leave from official blue-print, everything is touched and everything is touched at a fairly equal way.



-> Use the Github page for Juniper QFX1000 and download the vagrant images for practise

-> Revise Evpn and QFX-Series Books and you should be good

-> If you can, go through the official course-ware as they are good for review and exam prep

-> Evpn from Cisco’s standpoint is pretty much covered by Many learning instructors like INE,CBT use them to learn the technology if you are Video based learning individual.