I had to test some of the available features for Vmx 17.x image, 17.2 R1 Image and here are my observations when tested in Qemu Emulator based on Eve-Ng.

Two Node Topology.


Image and Memory Details –

-> One Router – Split into Two Qemu Instances – VCP/VFP (Control Plane / Forwarding Plane) so you need to have both of them.

-> VCP – I have allocated 2 Vcpus and 2048MB of RAM / VFP – 3 Vcpu and 6096MB of RAM

-> You can go with the lower Memory / Cpu allocations, I had the resources so allocated them just to be on a higher side.


Requirement – EM1 Should be connected for both VFP and VCP without that these will not function.


The boot process took more than 20 minutes to me, may be because I was using a USB drive to load the image and Disk IO must have been slower, else 11-15 minutes should do.Β  The auto-image upgrade will irriate you and hence I disabled it.


Lets look at routing engine and forwarding plane, PFE is booting into a Local Linux shell Mode. We wont access this box unless required for troubleshooting, all the Access is on VCP.


You can log into the forwarding plane for an instance but the speed of interaction with VFP is very slow, understandably it has to fetch it from another Qemu Image via EM1 interface.


Performance over Qemu Simulation is satisfactory and should be a good tool for JNCIE-Lab preperations, needless to say it will help all other types of study requirements as well. With an enhanced processor and with SSD disks, i guess the performance will improve dramatically.


I shall be shortly testing VQFX image as well and will update with similar Findings.