Quagga Routing suite is fantastic and being used by Many .vendors to do the Basic Routing and to an extent even the powerful Routing on a Linux or custom built Node. We also know that cumulus linux uses Quagga as an underlying Software Suite for this.

-> Ubuntu Linux for Quagga

Lets see the Installation


Once Installation is done, verify if service ports are open in /etc/services File.

Make sure IPV4 Forwarding is enabled. Edit /etc/sysctl.conf as Below

Move the sample configuration file and rename then as per below, you can create your own conf files if you want , I just used the sample ones for this demonstration

Make sure appropriate Routing daemons are Switched ON

This is the important Part, Quagga by default can be run with user ‘quagga’, hence rename everything to ‘quagga’ , a user quagga is already installed during the installation

Do a restart to the process, if it does not fix, reboot the system and start the quagga process

Thats it, continuing this we will then setup an OSPF peering with Juniper VMX to move further


Rakesh M