I was trying to swap 100Gig Circuits during a Migration and I was confused differentiating between a 10G and 100G port since there are many routers and Many combinations within the network

Hardware – MPC7E – Juniper Networks with Mx960

Quick way to Identify

request chassis port-led (start | stop) fpc-slot fpc-slot-number pic-slot pic-slot-number port (port-number| all-10g | all-40g | all-100g | all-port) duration duration

Let us see it from the Routers Perspective.


Step 1 – Finding the Line cards available on the system.




Step 2 – Executing the command




This makes life much easier even if it is you or any remote technician who visits for a fiber swap or commissioning of a New 10/100 Gig Circuit effortlessly but yes you can see the configuration from [edit chassis] to know which port has what speed, but hey who doesn’t want a Good Night show on a Router 🙂