Going through POC testing and application procedures, I came accross EXA-BGP, I have to say it is too easy and very powerful to deploy, I could deploy this in 5 minutes and started exchanging routes with my MX or any box for that matter, do give this a try, its easy I promise.

What is EXABGP ?

ExaBGP is a new application designed to provide an easy way for programmers and system administrators to interact with BGP networks. The program is designed to allow the injection of arbitrary routes into a network, including IPv6 and FlowSpec.



I have a Linux system based on Ubuntu Distro, but it should be similar for any *Nix system

  • You need to have pip
  • You need to install Exabgp via pip

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev build-essential

I already have it installed, out differs if you are installing it for the first time


Next install Exabgp via  python, again I already have the package installed, output would vary for you


Configuring EXABGP

You need to have a conf.ini file similar to below, but you can get good examples from the initial link which I have pasted


Here – My Neighbor is a VMX with address and Peer-as 100. Everything I have left at defaults for Family negotiations which will make EXA to advertise all the families available, we will see that in the other output file.


The Below slides show us how EXABGP output looks like, if you observe carefully, EXABGP is exchanging all Family parameters at Default and Vmx has received the request for All Families and GR capability.



There are Many applications of EXABGP, and when this is combined with Python may be related to “BGP Swiss Army Knife”, I will have more examples combined for this powerful tool which is widely deployed by customers, clearly for its ease of use and Power as well.


Rakesh M