Purely a Personal Post on gaining better control / being economical / becoming perfectly lazy πŸ˜‰ .This has been in pipeline for about a year, I prefer some light music in home while I sleep / work and now and then when I want better control to hear whatever I want.

Three things to it

-> Tried with chromecast – Worked – problem more electricity and efforts to search more with less control

-> Download music and play it via plex where your sound-out is to a 5.1 system. – works but is more static in nature.

-> Have a Blue-tooth Device and give in to 3.5mm jack of your music system. This sounded cool, the only problem is again the searching and the requirement to have a single paired device.

How did i Bypass this ?

A detailed explanation on Raspberry Pi 2.0 / MPSYT / Installing Ubuntu can be found from RASPBERRY PI Website, I feel they did a better job in documentation.

Lets see my home setup


Tools used

-> Xshell – To access raspberry pi / Ubuntu Linux SSH

-> MPSYT – A Program developed to search media via Youtube

-> Audio Out – I used 5.1 but technically you can use a better sound system as long as you have a 3.5mm jack into raspberry pi

Lets see some screenshots

The screenshot is the Shell of Raspberry pi which is being accessed via a Windows System. Remember, this is shell access where you search for music and actual music is via Raspberry pi which is in Network and connected to a Sound-out Device / Music System Out


Launching mps-youtube via #sudo mpsyt


searching musicΒ  – for example if i have to search INTERSTELLAR , i would say /interstellar and the results would appear like this

3_search results

Playing is easy, you have flexibility to make and save a playlist or you can play song by song.

Reality !


This is By far the most economical way I could come-up with to play some-light music and have a supreme control on what you wish to play, with out need to worry about display or dedicated CPU.

I have been enjoying this for a while!


Rakesh M