I was making notes and wanted to quickly share with you guys about frequently accessed NAT KB articles

Please find them below. Its Not pretty per-se but should do the trick for quick revision.

SRX Resolution Guides –

NAT – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21922
Troubleshooting Source-NAT – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21611
Troubleshooting Destination-Nat – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21839
Troubleshooting Static Nat – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21892
Srx Nat Getting started – http://kb.juniper.net/KB15758
Srx Configuring Proxy-Arp – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21785
Verify Desination Rules in Order – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21866
FW-Filter to Count packets – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21872
Traceoptions/Trimming output – http://kb.juniper.net/KB16108
Interpret Traceoptions – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21757
Logs Collection – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21781
Verify source Nat Rules – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21709
Checking and re-ordering Nat Rules – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21783
Verify Static Nat rules – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21918
NAT for local proxy identity in VPN – http://kb.juniper.net/KB25928
Nat Not working – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21697
Static Nat using VR Instance- http://kb.juniper.net/KB23912
Support for Interface-Based Nat in Lsys – http://kb.juniper.net/KB28049
Why does static nat wont occur after reboot – http://kb.juniper.net/KB24310
Several Existing sessions drops during config Change – http://kb.juniper.net/KB30343
Mcast traffic not passing with source NAT – http://kb.juniper.net/KB28283
Source-Nat for self generated traffic – http://kb.juniper.net/KB26372
Interface-nat-ports for overloading port-utilization – http://kb.juniper.net/KB29591
Verify NAT if applied to VPN Traffic- http://kb.juniper.net/KB10139
Change the allocation for source nat pool (hidden) – http://kb.juniper.net/KB21263
address-persistant vs persistance-nat – http://kb.juniper.net/KB20711
when to use sourcenat-off statement – http://kb.juniper.net/KB24404
vpn doesnot comeup to IKE peer using static nat – http://kb.juniper.net/KB27815
Understanding persistance NAT – http://kb.juniper.net/KB29191
how to setup NAT Hair-pinning – http://kb.juniper.net/KB24639
Nat Rule-Limites on SRX – http://kb.juniper.net/KB14149
troubleshooting security policy not passing data – http://kb.juniper.net/KB10113


Rakesh M