I have not written any blog post for over a week now as i was extremely busy in one of the official implementations and office projects.

As far as studies go,

I have been reading the following topics in my free-time.

-> U.T.M – Undoubtedly, this topic will be the most complicated of all the topics for me, reason being i do not have a proper test-bed for UTM implementations and all of the UTM is not feasible on VSRX.

I am following through J-UTM course from Juniper official Course-ware and have been reading through Junos-SRX series Book.

-> IDP – Second Most confusing topic for me is the IDP implementation. This topic requires you to setup a Attack server, a host and several DMZ virtualized servers for proper studies, and i am planning to setup the environment in a weeks-Time.

I am folllowing Juniper-IDP courseware along with Junos-Advanced troubleshooting to understand things. As always Junos-SRX series would always help.

This is the update from my end, have a great week ahead for everyone


Rakesh M