I have been going through various course-ware and written books and I see when it comes to IPV6, authors have taken a approach to directly jump into 6to4 , 4to6 , ds-lite and so on. In my opinion it is easier if i can lab-up specific v6-to-v6 Nat scenarios then move onto 4-to-6.

Requirement – R5 (2002::2/128) should be natted to 2001::13/128 , when it tries to access 2001::2



First things first, enabled Ipv6 flow mode , similar to “ipv6 unicast-routing” in cisco, other wise you cannot communicate with other nodes.


Configure Zones and policies

2_zone_config 3_security_policy

Lastly NAT configuration, if you forget proxy-ndp, you can never reach the other-end, very very important.

4_nat_config 5_verification


Rakesh M