In my previous post, I used a topology to illustrate MPLS FRR. I have used groups to simplify the configuration.This post is mainly aimed at people who are new to grouping in Juniper. Consider the following topology


For enabling mpls on an interface , we need to use following command for each interface, for example am taking ge-0/0/0.12 interface as an example, so if you see here , i have to do it manually for all the interfaces and then i should configure protocols like ospf, mpls,rsvp as i was dealing with all 3 in the previous post.

set interface ge-0/0/0.12 family mpls

set protocols mpls interface ge-0/0/0.12

set protocols rsvp interface ge-0/0/0.12

set protocols ospf area 0 interface ge-0/0/0.12

so instead of doing this individually, juniper has something called a grouping concept where in you can define one and re-use it like a programming variable.

Let us see how i applied it

The below output shows you how many interfaces i would need to configure individually.


Let us see how we will configure Mpls family for all the interfaces


Now, let us configure all the three protocols for 6 logical systems and apply them


In My initial days I had trouble understanding this from documentation, hope this gives you a practical insight into this


Rakesh M